Why Use Video ?

Video is a dynamic and highly effective way of communicating with your customers, a narrated videotour  brings the property to life and does the selling for you. Because a video can show and say so much it really helps to get the featured property on the buyers shortlist so when a physical  appointment is made it's almost like a second viewing, This  "virtual viewing"   can also help reduce your  viewings to offer ratio meaning quicker sales and  less inconvenience  for you and your vendor.


With most buyers now starting their search online it's more important than ever that your  properties stand out from the crowd, attract interest and keep the potential viewer engaged. It's a fact that buyers will stay longer and learn more from a two minute video than they will from the traditional text heavy brochure.

Promote Your Brand

Video is also a great tool to promote your business, keep ahead of the competition by demonstrating your company goes further when it comes to marketing and promotion, Impress potential vendors by showing the quality of your presentation including unique aerial video and photograpy, explain how you are able to maximise opportunities by collecting emails and phone numbers and by offering  the online customer a viewing  right from within the video itself. 

A re-targeting pixle can also be added  which means you can build a list of people who watched the video and put your brand in front of them again on the Facebook platform.

               Aerial Photography 



                           Aerial Video