People thinking about selling their property undertake market research

up to 3 months in advance of actually instructing an estate agent.


To get a consistent supply of customers for your estate agency business you must have a marketing funnel in place. A marketing funnel provides a pathway to your services.

By using a marketing funnel you are able to influence consumers at different stages along the customer journey. people looking for the type of service you offer don't become your customers overnight, they go through an evolution of discovery.

It starts with becoming "aware" of you and then "interested" in what you have to offer, next they will "consider" the options and move forward with an "intention" to instruct someone. The "evaluation" or final judgement will precede the actual purchase. 

It all starts with "awareness" potential customers have to first know that you exist !

Step 1 :  Get your brand in front them and get their email address  ( using my software )

Step 2 :  Nurture with interesting and helpful follow up

Step 3 :  Provide brand advocates and social proof 

Step 4 :  Provide easy and convenient access to your service

Step 5:  Show & Tell .... how good you are at providing the service they need  ( Free Valuation )

Step 6 : Accept The Instruction !

Customer Awareness Software

I can help you auto-post content to your social media channels and with the use of my software collect leads from people who have indicated that they are interested in your service.

Please contact me for a demonstration

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