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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer In Nottingham #weddingphotographernottingham #weddingphotogrpaher # weddingsnottingham #weddings #gettingmarried #weddingphotography It’s a massive cliché I know, but the best wedding photography is ALL ABOUT capturing people in the moment. Sometimes your guests won’t even notice I’m there at that moment. As a general rule I don’t set up scenarios to look good, I’d rather let your guests make their own fun and I’ll capture it as it happens. At the same time, if I see some of your friends being a bit silly, I’ll encourage the sh*t out of it. Occasionally I’ll have a request or an idea and of course I’ll make it happen. Things like “Can you get a shot of me and the lads with our cigars?” or “we’d love a night time silhouette of us”. I love it when my couples are into photography and if you’ve got an idea, let me know what it is and I’ll worry about the best way to capture it. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, you will have spent time planning all the details, who to invite and of course what to wear. When the day arrives it is time for you both to relax and enjoy yourselves with your family and friends. My photography will document all your special moments whilst you are enjoying them, natural images of you with your family and friends make for great memories and images. We will also take some time (not too much!) for any group photos that you would like and of course some romantic & stylish images of the two of you together. You will see that some of my images are in black & white, some full colour and some with a vintage feel so there's a nice variety. This collection of your images will tell the story of your special day. I've specialised in wedding and drone photography for over a decade and it's a true passion of mine, I love capturing the emotions of the day.

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